Where do people find the time for this blogging malarkey? After launching my blog with much fanfare, global press publicity*, dancing girls** and a lot of telepathic marketing***, I rather spectacularly ran out of time to write anything on it. So to prevent my blog from becoming one history’s glorious failures (cf. Tim Henman, George W, the 5th Beatle), I am back. Back with a vengeance. Well, back with a posting on my blog anyway.

One of my feeble reasons for not having posted more thus far is the fact that I have actually been quite busy. I have been delivering restored tables, picking up orders for chairs to go with my Exmouth table design as well as getting potential commissions for another reception table and a coffee table. Bon temps!

The “Exmouth” chairs as I have named them were a long time coming, but they are here at last. I wanted to make a couple of prototypes of my designs to take to clients and here they are. This is the dining chair version – expertly upholstered by Neil Kitteridge. The kitchen chair option is entirely out of solid wood and therefore a little more suited to being used and abused by small children wielding sharp cutlery. No less comfortable though:

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** OK. I lied about that bit.

***Works every time!