Some new work

The Oakfields coffee table is a simple elegant and refined oak coffee table which serves equally well as a bench. It has been finished in Danish oil.

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Exhibitions, Photos and New Projects

I am back from my 3rd year exhibiting at the Contemporary Craft Fair at Bovey Tracey in South Devon. As usual, it was wonderfully organised by Sarah James and Nina Fox and there was once again a large turn out (particularly impressive given the Saturday involved a torrential down pour of biblical proportions).

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Whisky a go-go

I learned something very interesting this week; one of those things that you probably should have known forever and are a little embarrassed to admit to people that the penny has just dropped. Here it is....wait for it.....WHISKY GETS ITS COLOUR FROM OAK!!  All you distillery visitors out there are all now shaking your heads and tut-tutting. "Is this guy as thick two short planks?

Whisky a go-go2021-02-16T16:31:54+00:00

A time to blog

Where do people find the time for this blogging malarkey? After launching my blog with much fanfare, global press publicity*, dancing girls** and a lot of telepathic marketing***, I rather spectacularly ran out of time to write anything on it.

A time to blog2010-03-17T16:45:44+00:00
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